Mid Brisbane Partnerships Program

2020 - 2023
Mid Brisbane
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Restoring water quality and building resilience into the Brisbane river.

Healthy Land and Water’s Mid Brisbane Partnerships Program is restoring and protecting water quality and building resilience into the Mid Brisbane catchment area.

The program works closely with landholders to deliver a range of projects that involve revegetating riverbanks, installing fencing, removing weeds and stabilising gullies.

These projects ensure gullies and riverbanks are more resilient to high flow events, reducing erosion and the flow of sediment into the Mid Brisbane River and eventually Moreton Bay.

About the project

  • Working with landholders to deliver on ground works.
  • Stabilising eroding gullies and riverbanks.
  • Revegetating riparian areas to build resilience to high flow events.
  • Fencing to balance grazing for weed management with maintaining healthy riparian vegetation cover.
  • Improve water quality for Brisbane drinking water supply at the Mount Crosby Water Treatment Plant.
  • Reduce sediment entering Moreton Bay.


Why this project is important

Approximately 40% of the drinking water supply for South East Queensland is either sourced from, or travels through, the Mid Brisbane catchment before being treated at the Mount Crosby Water Treatment Plant.

The Mid-Brisbane River catchment is an important water source for residents and industry, providing value for drinking water, irrigation, recreation and amenity. It is also an important source of water for the community and industry below the Mt Crosby weir, influencing a range of values in the lower Brisbane River and Moreton Bay.


Download the project snapshot here.

The Mid Brisbane Partnerships program aims to:

  • Work with community to identify priority areas and deliver on-ground projects with landholders to protect and improve the condition of river banks and gully systems.
  • Deliver projects along the Brisbane River and areas within five kilometres of the river such as Banks Creek, Black Snake Creek and Spring Creek.
  • Increase water quality at the Mount Crosby Water Treatment Plant by reducing erosion, increasing vegetation cover and managing grazing by livestock.
  • Provide a forum with the Mid Brisbane Catchment Partnerships Committee to bring stakeholders together to collaborate, consult and advise on potential investment in drinking water source protection projects.


  • The program helps landholders protect their land while increasing environmental resilience and reducing- water treatment costs.
  • Stage 2 of the program (2020-2023) will focus on areas of higher risk due to slope, soil type, vegetation cover and proximity to the Mount Crosby and Lowood Water Treatment Plants.
  • Stage 1 of the program (2017-2019) involved 24 projects controlling active erosion over 1.2 kilometres of gully systems and riverbanks through the construction of 13 erosion control structures including log jams, pile fields, rock chutes and leaky weirs.
  • The resilience of riverbanks and gully systems has been increased through the establishment of over 16,000 plants.


This program is delivered in partnership with Seqwater.

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