Go to body for the environment for South East Queensland and beyond
For a healthy resilient region for future generation to thrive
Big data and expertise spanning 24+ years
Sustainable projects and advice environmental social economic result people planet profit purpose
Invested in environmental works
People at our workshops, training, field days, forums & conferences
Active projects underway currently

Projects & advice to deliver multiple outcomes

Our projects are good for people our communities and culture
Our projects are good for the planet protecting our environment
Our projects are good for the economy we are profit for purpose
Our projects are good for the environment, people, the economy and profit for purpose
Leading the change that will deliver an environment for future generations to thrive ...everyday
Direct investment into South East Queensland's environmental future

Directing investment 
in SEQ's
environmental future

Deliver transformative environmental + community change

Delivering transformative 
environmental +
community change

Creating connections between people, place + culture

Creating connections between people, place + culture

Featured sub-programs

Fire preparedness the Queensland Fire & Biodiversity Consortium

Fire preparedness

24+ years and counting
Sustainable urban design the Water by Design initiativve

Sustainable urban water

19+ years and counting
Report Card

Enviro monitoring & reporting

24+ years and counting

Next gen informing investment tools

Under development

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