Multi Catchment Source Water Protection Program

Multi Catchment Source Water Protection Program


The creekbank and riverbank restoration improves the water quality of Brisbane’s major source of drinking water.


Healthy Land & Water working with cattle farmersWorking with landholders to compound our water source protection efforts.

The program works closely with landholders to deliver a range of projects in 7 designated work zones.

The Multi Catchment Water Protection Program - started in 2019 with research and prioritisation of land parcels in an area 5km upstream of the Water Treatment Plant off-takes. It has been created since its early days, to restore and protect water quality and to build resilience in the Logan, Warril, and Upper Brisbane Catchments.

Projects include several sustainable catchment management initiatives such as revegetating riverbanks, installing fencing, removing weeds and stabilising gullies, livestock removal from riparian areas and installation of off-stream watering points for stock, agricultural practice improvement projects, and landholder education and awareness activities.


What we are doing

Mid Brisbane Partnerships ProgramStabilised erosion-prone gullies and riverbank

This collaborative program allows for larger-scale erosion planning. After initial surveying through on-ground works by Healthy Land & Water, extensive mapping and modelling allow for holistic erosion control that everyone benefits from. 

The process to restore and protect creekbanks and riverbanks involves:

  • Working with landholders to deliver on-ground works.
  • Stabilising eroding gullies and riverbanks and revegetating riparian areas
  • Agricultural practice improvement projects.
  • Fencing to balance grazing for weed management with maintaining healthy riparian vegetation cover.
  • Improving water quality in the Logan, Warril, and Upper Brisbane Catchments.


Measuring success

  • Engaging landholders whose properties lie on the boundary of water supply rivers and creeks and are between 5 to 10 kilometres above water offtake points.
  • Improving land management practices and increasing the extent and quality of natural riparian vegetation on these reaches.


Why this project is important

In the target source waters for this program – Logan, Warril, and Upper Brisbane Catchments – agricultural activity, state of riparian vegetation, erosion risk, and proximity to Water Treatment Plant off-take pose a serious risk to the raw water supply.

To reduce water quality risks, the program has worked closely with landholders through interviews and investigating initiatives in the past. The data and the learnings gathered from these investigations have been used as a starting point to develop the plan for the rest of the program.

This project is important as it reduces the muddiness of our waterways, allowing for more recreational safer drinking water in South East Queensland.


Project snapshot

Project name: Multi Catchment Source Water Protection Program
Project manager: Robert Chataway, Healthy Land & Water

Logan, Warril, Upper Brisbane

Timing: 2019 - 2026
Budget: $3.720 million
Partnerships: This program is delivered in partnership with Seqwater.
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What's next

This project is underway until 2026.


Project collaborators

This habitat rehabilitation program forms part of a broader strategy that Seqwater has developed to ensure the capacity for potable water production for a growing South East Queensland population.

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