T.S. Onslow Shoreline Management Project

2014 - Ongoing
Golden Beach, Caloundra

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Strengthening relationships in the community and building resilience in the shoreline as part of the Moreton Bay Ramsar Wetland Project.

A long-term staged shoreline management plan is underway that is endeavouring to restore ecological integrity to the state-owned foreshore reserve at Golden Beach on the Sunshine Coast.

In July 2013, the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection, known now as the Department of Environment and Science (DES), issued a notice to the T.S. Onslow Australian Navy Cadets, whose headquarters is located in front of the foreshore on the Esplanade.

The notice requested T.S. Onslow to remove illegally laid cement blocks that had been placed on the Golden Beach foreshore over twenty years ago.

The options and costs of the immediate removal of the blocks and erosion control found to be beyond the financial capability of the T.S. Onslow and would increase the risk of shoreline erosion.

In June 2014, stage one of the Golden Beach Shoreline Project was launched in partnership with SEQ Catchments – now Healthy Land and Water, T.S. Onslow Australian Navy Cadets, Take Action for Pumicestone Passage (TAPP), Bunya Bunya Country Aboriginal Corporation, Sunshine Coast Council, Caloundra Power Boat Club and the Night Eyes Water and Landcare group.

The ongoing works aim to maximise the ability to re-establish a natural shoreline ecosystem, while also strengthening relationships between Traditional Owners, local organisations and the community.

Eroded shoreline before the commencement of stage two works.

Stage one of the project took place between June 2014 and June 2015, and begun with research into local red mangrove sites followed by the installation of coir logs and the removal of the cement blocks.

Once the stabilisation works were completed, the mangroves propagated by Bunya Bunya Country Aboriginal Corporation were planted into the tidal zone.

Mangrove planting during stage one of the works.









In 2018, TAPP received funding from DES Sustainability Grant and the Caloundra Power Boat Club, and in 2019 from the Australian government’s National Landcare Program through Healthy Land and Water.

The funding secured stage two of the project, which was split into two phases – the first phase was undertaken in March 2019 as a result of the high tides earlier in the year. This phase involved installing more coir logs to protect the native casuarina trees from falling.

In May 2019, the second phase will involve the installation of more coir logs along the shoreline that will support mangrove rehabilitation, and protect the plants from wave impact.

The collaborative project at Golden Beach has brought together many partners to build resilience in the shoreline through a soft engineering approach. The project has achieved success in shoreline management, partnership development and raising awareness of inexpensive options that provide multiple benefits.


This project is funded by the Australian Government.

This project is supported by Take Action for Pumicestone Passage (TAPP), Queensland Government, MangroveWatch, Sunshine Coast Council, Bunya Bunya Country Aboriginal Corporation, and Night Eyes.







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