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Healthy Land and Water science experts have identified the increasing amount of sediment entering our waterways as the number one issue affecting water quality in South East Queensland. It is estimated that over 50,000 dump trucks worth of sediment enters the region’s waterways each year.

Soil particles that are washed off the land and into waterways, known as sediment, contain pollutants and reduce water quality which has significant negative social, economic and environmental impacts. Waterways provide many social and economic benefits such as recreation, tourism and the security of drinking water supply which are threatened by the waterway pollution caused by sediment. The environmental impacts include aquatic plants such as seagrass being smothered by sediment, which results in a reduction in the food available to marine animals and an impact on fisheries.

The release of sediment from construction and building sites is one of the primary sources of sediment in our coastal waterways. Soil erosion on construction and building sites and the subsequent release of sediment run-off is a major threat to the health of our waterways, including the businesses and lifestyles that depend upon them. Improving erosion and sediment control practices and compliance is a practical, equitable and cost-effective strategy to reduce the impacts and costs of sediment upon the waterways and communities within urban areas.


This program is funded through the Queensland Government Department of Environment and Science.


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