Scott Jose

In his role as General Manager – Environmental Offsets, Scott is responsible for overseeing Healthy Land and Water’s Nutrient Offsets Initiative. Scott has more than 20 years’ experience in project management including 10 years at the senior leadership level, and holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. Scott is a problem solver with extensive experience […]

Faye Lee

Faye Lee is Healthy Land and Water’s Chief Financial Officer and go2zone’s General Manager. Faye is responsible for overseeing the organisation’s finance and accounting matters. She is an expert in business operations, compliance and standardisation and has over 20 years’ experience in senior financial positions at both not-for-profit and commercial organisations. Faye has previously held […]

Rachael Nasplezes

Rachael Nasplezes is a Senior Scientist at Healthy Land and Water and the Behaviour Change Specialist and International Relations Manager at go2zone. With over 20 years’ experience in natural resource management and sustainable business development, Rachael is an expert in project delivery and has a proven track record of managing projects and programs that improve […]

Nikki Poteri-Collie

Nikki Poteri-Collie is a senior leader with more than 25 years’ experience building the strategic and financial success of organisations across the water, energy, mining and industrial sectors. With a diverse background gained in large corporations and government agencies, Nikki brings extensive experience across commercial and financial management, strategy and business planning as well as marketing […]

Sivakumar Senthilkumar

Sivakumar is a data management scientist at Healthy Land and Water specialising in spatial analysis and cartography. Siva works within the Science, Innovation and Monitoring Team to help build and maintain maps and spatial applications for a variety of projects and for the organisation’s website. Siva performs analysis, and displays and distributes spatial and other […]

Paul Daly

Paul Daly is a Project Manager in Healthy Land and Water’s Environmental Offsets Team. Paul works with other staff to manage and deliver projects for a range of clients in South East Queensland and beyond. Paul collaborates with clients, contractors and landholders to help build their skills, knowledge and capacity. Paul Has a Bachelor of […]

Nathaniel Parker

Nathaniel is a Senior Scientist at Healthy Land and Water with extensive experience in managing streambank and gully erosion projects utilising best practise management solutions, including pile fields and engineered log jams for stream bank stabilisation. As a registered professional engineer, Nathaniel works closely with landholders, government and environmental consultants providing advice and training for […]

Naomi Soustal

Naomi Soustal is an environmental scientist at Healthy Land and Water who specialises in collaboration to address water quality issues across South East Queensland. Naomi is the Assistant Team Leader for the Science, Information and Monitoring team that delivers projects to build an understanding of environmental condition through monitoring and reporting as well as partnering […]

Melissa Walker

Melissa Walker is a Scientist and Knowledge Innovations Officer at Healthy Land and Water. Melissa helps implement and manage HLW’s open data portal, which provides complex information in a clear and easy to understand format for clients and the community. She also works to support several HLW initiatives including Grazing BMP, the Environmental Health Monitoring […]

Mark Waud

Mark Waud is a Senior Scientist with Healthy Land and Water and specialises in large scale restoration projects. Mark works with the Natural Assets Management and Protection Team delivering erosion control, ecological restoration and invasive species control projects to restore and protect our environment. Mark is passionate about integrating technology into projects to make better […]

Craig Welden

Craig is a Senior Scientist and the coordinator of the South East Queensland Fire and Biodiversity Consortium (SEQFBC), a program administered by Healthy Land and Water. Craig has worked in the Natural Areas Management field for over 25 years, developing extensive skills and knowledge in fire management, weed and pest animal control, restoration works, flora […]

Karen Toms

Karen is a Senior Scientist at Healthy Land and Water and is an expert at working with community groups to achieve positive changes for the environment. Karen has almost 15 years’ experience in environmental project management and has worked throughout North Queensland, South East Queensland and NSW for a number of organisations. In her role […]

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