Water by Design – Roadshow – Townsville

The Department of Environment and Science (DES), in partnership with Healthy Land and Water and the Reef Urban Stormwater Management Group invites you to join us for an information session on new online resources to improve WSUD practices.

Over the past year Water by Design has been quitely working on a range of products that can improve the sustainable management of your stormwater systems. We are now touring the east coast of QLD to promote these new tools and the latest advancements in Water Sensitive Urban Design.

WbD website

With the merger of heathy waterways and SEQ catchments our WbD website was burried. We are now relauching a fresh updated website.


Music Guidelines V3

The original music guidelines were published in 2010 since then there has been a few key advancements in WSUD science and MUSIC software. We explain these key updates in the latest guideline just released.

Meet the Pollutants

There are many pollutants that are harmful to our waterways (not just TSS, TN and TP),  This is a campaign to educate students (and practitioners) about the broad range of pollutants harmful to our aquatic ecosystems and what we can do to minimise their impact.

Urban Stream Objectives 

WbD have been working with Alluvium over the past year to review the State Planning Policy requirements for stormwater management. Learn about key findings and recomendations for the study

Water Wise Street Tree Design

Did you know a healthy street tree can add $20,000 to the value of a property. Learn how to design healthy street tree systems that harness passive irrigation

Wicking Bed Design

Climate variation is likely to add pressure on our already dwindling water resources. Learn about how to set up a wicking bed to help minimise irrigation demand and improve the resilience of turf areas and sports fields.

Ecological Risk and Prioritisation

Waterway managers face many competing demands and tradeoffs WbD introduce a risk based approach to evaluate ecological risk and prioritise management interventions.

Living Waterways – Version 2.0

The new update of the Living Waterways framework has 4 new modules: Resilience, Catchment Condition Assessment, Catchment Diagnosis and Catchment Treatment Plan. This framework lets you tailor your WSUD strategy to your specific site requirements giving your development and the environment better outcomes while potentially saving money.

Please bring your own example development to work through at the workshop



Codesign is a unique way of running a public open space project. It puts a large emphasis community participation from the beginning of the design process with the aim of enhancing community ownership. We run through two recent case studies and show how this can be applied to waterway restoration.

Speaker profile

Glenn is a Civil Engineer with over 15 years experience in stormwater management and Water Sensitive Urban DesignGlenn has worked in various roles all over Queensland, notably working on the Gold Coast Desalination Project, Brisbane River Flood Study, Clem Jones Tunnel and a 7 year involvement at North Lakes where he helped in the design, construction and management over 40 bioretention basins, 3 wetlands and 3 lakes.

Most recently he has been working at Water by Design where he has delivered a number of training courses across Qld, and co-authored the Wetland Technical Design Guideline update, the Water Sensitive Designs Sketchbook and Living Waterways Version 2Glenn is currently working on a review of state legislation for stormwater quality and a street tree guideline for the Department of Environment and Science as well as a community led revegetation project at Newmarket, Qld.