Healthy Land and Water can provide the clearest picture of our landscapes utilising state-of-the-art technology and our team’s data collection and analysis expertise. We have the skills to turn data into knowledge and help landholders, community, industry and government to make informed decisions on protecting and restoring our regions agricultural land, biodiversity, waterways and coastal areas.

We can help with:

  • Property, natural assets, cultural and habitat mapping
  • Benchmarking, trends and data forecasting
  • Geographic Information Systems data analysis
  • Analysing complex data
  • Strategic and online maps
  • Monitoring and evaluating programs and projects

Our knowledge system is supported by a huge database of natural asset information and imagery, not available anywhere else. Most importantly, we have the expertise to make sense of this for you and give you exactly the information you need.

Property Mapping

Our landscape discussion maps are a valuable resource for land managers, educators and community groups.  We can produce maps for your property, catchment or district.

Our maps:

  • Use the latest aerial imagery
  • Are the highest resolution available
  • Keep you up to date about your property
  • We can map anywhere in South East Queensland

We currently provide mapping support towards grazing land management and fire planning. Our primary focus is South East Queensland, but we also take an interest in Queensland and New South Wales.

Landscape Assessment

From house lots to whole-of-landscape, the mapping team offers a comprehensive assessment of regulatory, values and threats that could affect your property. Using the latest data and information, we provide multiple lines of evidence to provide solutions and opportunities for good business management.

A Rapid Landscape Assessment can help you to:

  • Provide a baseline of natural asset information for ‘no surprises’ planning
  • Prioritise works for strategic investments
  • Identify whether a sale property is suitable for your intended use
  • Identify new opportunities on your property or area of interest
  • The mapping team can also create a custom report for your property with supporting maps of key features

Custom Mapping

We also specialise in custom projects to help support your work including biodiversity strategies, catchment plans, river improvement, offset strategies and mapping support for policy development.

Online Story Maps

Our latest work has involved making data and information available through web application including Google Earth and ESRI Arc Online.

Our story maps and tailored geo-forms are transforming how our partners are collecting and sharing data for smart business.

To enquire about our data analysis service, please phone 07 3177 9100 or email us at