Vegetated waterways are important for good quality drinking water, aquatic biodiversity, scenic amenity, greenspace, and recreational and tourism opportunities. Availability of clean, fresh usable water underpins South East Queensland’s economic and social development thus water cannot be managed in isolation and improvements in land management practices will be vital for maintaining good water quality.

Good quality water is also important for nature, agricultural production, and the efficient running of water treatment facilities that supply potable water for human consumption. In many areas of SEQ, underground water supply known as ‘groundwater’ is tapped for irrigation of crops, stock watering, parks and gardens, or domestic supply. The use of groundwater throughout SEQ is increasing and the extraction of groundwater often exceeds the rate of water being stored in aquifers and with changes in rainfall patterns, underground water supplies are often stressed.


Headline Target: Waterways (W6)

By 2031, scheduled water quality objectives for all SEQ waterways will be achieved or exceeded.

Subsidiary targets

W 1 – Environmental flows

By 2031, environmental flows will meet aquatic ecosystem health and ecological process requirements.

W 2 – Groundwater levels

By 2031, 75% of SEQ Groundwater Resource Units will have groundwater levels within identified acceptable annual ranges.

W 3 – Groundwater quality

By 2031, groundwater quality (nutrients and salinity measurements) in all SEQ Groundwater Resource Units will be within identified acceptable annual ranges.

W 4 – Groundwater dependent ecosystems

By 2031, the condition of groundwater ecosystems and groundwater dependent ecosystems will be within identified acceptable annual ranges.

W 5 – High Ecological Value waterways

In 2031, High Ecological Value waterways in SEQ will maintain their 2008 classification.

W 7 – Waterway restoration

By 2031, waterways classified as ranging from slightly to moderately disturbed and/or highly disturbed will have ecosystem health and ecological processes restored.

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