Why do you love your catchment? Celebrating World Water Day 2020

Healthy Land and Water is dedicated to improving and protecting waterways in South East Queensland. We share with the community a passion and love for our catchments. World Water Day is celebrated on March 22 and is all about protecting our most precious resource.

These are the stories of what you, the community, love about the waterways in your local catchments.



I love escaping from everything fast-paced in life to acknowledge nature and be surrounded by it all. We let the kids run free so they can discover and use their imagination.


I consider this area my backyard, my connection to the land and wildlife and it is why I live where I live. Water is life. My life is enhanced by proximity to accessible waterways.



I appreciate the Indigenous history and significance, my connection with country and wildlife and floral species, particularly the endangered or vulnerable species.



This river has seen my personal journey happen as I walk by it every day and I love watching the seasonal changes happen there as I evolve.


Lower Brisbane

It’s a traffic-free, calming and relaxing place to walk and sit. It’s beautiful in its own right and is a great means of access to activities in the city centre using the City Cat.


Upper Brisbane

It’s a beautiful part of my everyday life. Knowing it is nearby brings me a sense of peace and is one of the main reasons I moved rural.




It’s a serene place to get away from it all and have a nice relaxing day with family and friends.



The Passage is a special ecosystem where I enjoy walking, canoeing, picnicking and swimming. I swim at Kings Beach almost every day in summer and autumn and some days I see dolphins or fish – this is so special.


Moreton Bay and Islands

I value the cultural, environmental and spiritual values of Moreton Bay. As a Custodian of the lands it gives me a great sense of pride to belong to such a place. These waterways are part of my identity.


My brother and I used to go there quite often as children. He has since passed on so it’s a very important place for me to sit and reminisce about him.



I love the serenity and peaceful nature that surrounds this waterway. It brings me peace of mind, as if it has healing powers you can’t get from counselling or therapy.



I find it peaceful and enjoy taking my kids to the river to look for fauna and flora and to watch the water flow. It offers a break from high density living and helps us to reconnect with nature.




I love the beauty of the views and the sand and sea colours. I enjoy watching my family swim in the ocean while the sun is shining.



It’s part of my identity and the identity of the town where I live (Maleny). It connects me to the broader landscape and catchment of Obi Obi Creek and the Mary River into which it flows. Flowing water in the Obi Obi give me a sense of peace and relief from the challenges of everyday life. It brings beauty and pleasure to my life.



It’s beautiful, it’s tranquil and gives you a calm and peaceful feeling. I have met a lot of my friends from walking the Noosa River and we all share the same outlook on life.

The Noosa River is an important part of the natural beauty of the Noosa area and provides so much recreational activity near the mouth of the river.



I love to take my dogs and kids walking along the pathway and down onto to the beach. There is so much for the kids to explore and it makes me feel so happy to see them running around having fun.



It’s beautiful and changes every day. It’s a great place to walk and take in the scenery and wildlife like pelicans, seagulls and many other species.




It’s a beautiful place to swim, it’s nice that it takes a little bush walk to get there. It makes you to feel surrounded by nature and it’s nice to have a cooling dip when it’s hot outside.



It’s near where I used to walk my dog every day for ten years. I am on my own now and not too mobile, so this place has a lot of memories for me. We used to sit and watch the world go by, rain, hail or shine.



It’s a wide and sometimes wild stretch of beach where my family and I love to spend time. It’s always a relaxing place to visit and we leave feeling refreshed.


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