Environmental peak group lead the way in reconciliation

Reconciliation Australia has officially endorsed environmental peak group, Healthy Land and Water’s comprehensive Reconciliation Action Plan, which is a practical guide to how the organisation will deliver meaningful changes across the business in support of reconciliation.

Healthy Land and Water CEO Julie McLellan says she is looking forward to bringing Healthy Land and Water’s commitments to life.

“This is a major milestone in Healthy Land and Water’s journey of reconciliation with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community and bolstering our ability to support further empowerment of First Nation’s peoples across South East Queensland,” says Ms McLellan.

“We’ve had a long-standing appreciation for the role of Traditional Owners in managing Country, and now have a living document detailing a comprehensive range of actions that we commit to progressing to enable increased Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leadership in managing the region’s cultural landscapes.”

She says the comprehensive range of actions is expected to lead to increased employment and investment in projects that involve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander priorities relating to issues such as fire management, wildlife protection, cultural heritage, and land restoration.

The approach from Healthy Land and Water also supports a statewide Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Participation Principles of Practice framework that has been cooperatively developed by all 12 Regional Natural Resource Management Groups in Queensland.

A novel call for expressions of interest in employment with Healthy Land and Water opened this month

Ms McLellan says that an example of the proactive actions that are part of the plan include Healthy Land and Water’s commitment to hiring and contracting work to people of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent. “This month we’ve put out a call inviting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to express their interest in working with Healthy Land and Water,” she said. “This approach will allow us to proactively engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people when filling new positions or undertaking recruitment activities,” she says.

The types of roles across the business which might come up in the future include everything from administration to field work, undertaking restoration and monitoring, science, and management positions.

Ms McLellan says this initiative is one of the many practical ways the Healthy Land and Water team is demonstrating commitment to reconciliation through their values and actions.


More information
• Reconciliation Action Plan: https://hlw.org.au/rap/
• Expression of Interest to Work for us: https://hlw.org.au/careers/aboriginal-and-torres-strait-islander-employment-opportunities/
• Statewide Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Participation Principles of Practice: www.hlw.org.au/newsroom/state-wide-commitment-to-first-nations


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Reconciliation Action Plan

These are the accompanying words by Quandamooka woman, Belinda Close, for the artwork she has designed for our Healthy Land and Water Reconciliation Action Plan


Our story is to share, care and love our ancient, living, breathing culture and Country in this world.

Protect our sacred lands, salty seas, healing waters, wildlife and everything that grows within.

Nurture the waters, animals, plants and each other from the north, south, east and west.

Come together to share and understand the knowledge and respect of Mother Earth and our Ancestors that have passed on. Elders and Ancestors that are still with us today, sharing their ways on Country.

When you look into this story, you see Ancestor Spirits standing together, strong, in a circle, looking over us, sending their love, knowledge, strength and blessings.

We work together on Country, crossing waters to share knowledge, lending a helping hand during bushfires – which you can see burning in the bottom left of the story.

In the center, the belly of the story, begins new life, new beginnings, next generations. Fern life and plant life encourages new creek life and sprouts new creations.

The purples of our mountains, gullies and hills burst with wild rainforest – forests and bushlands that can never be replaced as they are as ancient as the Dreamtime.

Together, let’s maintain a clean, healthy, happy natural environment for all generations to come.

Belinda Close,
Quandamooka woman


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