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Since it was first established in 1925, Teneriffe Park has been a popular habitat refuge, walking trail and community space tucked away atop a hill in the densely-populated suburb of Teneriffe in inner-Brisbane.

Unfortunately, the park’s popularity has had some unintended environmental consequences. At some point, a slope on the southern side of the park was cleared to make way for a fire trail. For many years, the cleared slope has been used as a makeshift path by the community, which has led to a significant erosion problem.

As well as causing land instability and safety issues in the park, erosion is a significant threat to the health of the nearby Brisbane River. When the park experiences heavy rain, the displaced soil is washed into stormwater drains and ultimately into the river, where it affects water quality, muddies the water and smothers marine life.

In 2018, Healthy Land and Water, in partnership with Teneriffe Park Bushcare volunteers, Brisbane City Council and the Australian Government, designed a $30,000 plan to protect the future of one of inner-Brisbane’s most historic parks.

Work to restore the park began in July 2018. Contractors installed erosion matting and coir logs to prevent the displacement of soil, and planted hundreds of local native plant species to stabilise the slope. In place of the old fire trail, a concrete pathway was also built to improve visitor safety and mitigate erosion.

The works were completed in August 2018. With its new path and established slopes, Teneriffe Park is officially greener, safer and contributing to a healthier Brisbane River.

Key Milestones

Month 2018 – Teneriffe Park Restoration Project was designed by Healthy Land and Water, Teneriffe Park Bushcare Group? and Brisbane City Council

Milestone 1

Month 2018 - Teneriffe Park Restoration Project was designed by Healthy Land and Water, Teneriffe Park Bushcare Group? and Brisbane City Council

Milestone 2

July 2018 - On-ground works began

Milestone 3

August 2018 - The Teneriffe Park project was completed within budget


The project has involved the installation of erosion matting and coir logs ensuring the soil stays in place, a pathway to improve the experience for park users, and the planting of local native species to further stabilise the slope.

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Land instability

and safety issues addressed

Completed August 2018

Greener, safer and contributing to a healthier Brisbane River

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