Ransome Road Reserve Restoration

2020 - 2023
Moreton Bay

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Enhancing the values of Moreton Bay’s Ramsar wetland as part of the Moreton Bay Ramsar Wetland project.

The Ransome Road Reserve Restoration project is reducing threats to and enhancing the values of Moreton Bay’s Ramsar wetland. Two hectares of at risk endangered regional ecosystem is being restored and protected as part of the collaborative project.

Restoration works including revegetation and weed control are being undertaken across five hectares to protect saltmarsh and woodland at the reserve. The project will see up to 300 plants – all native species – planted at the site.

About the project

  • Weed removal over five hectares.
  • Saltmarsh is a threatened ecological community.
  • Planting up to 300 native species.
  • Enhancing the area for the community to enjoy.
  • Collaborating with local catchment groups.
  • Forested areas at the site are considered core koala habitat area.


This project is being delivered in partnership with the Brisbane Catchments Network (BCN). The Bulimba Creek Catchment Coordinating Committee (B4C) is undertaking the on-ground works on behalf of BCN.

This project is funded by the Australian Government. 

Why this project is important

The project site borders the Moreton Bay Ramsar Wetland. It consists of a saltmarsh understory with a Melaleuca and Casuarina open forest canopy. This ecosystem is listed as vulnerable under the Environmental Protection Biodiversity Conservation Act,1999 (Cwth). Forested areas at the site are also considered core koala habitat.

Weeds including groundcovers, woody weeds and vine weeds such as asparagus fern, lantana and pepper trees have invaded the site and are smothering the saltmarsh.
The Ransome Road Reserve is a unique natural area for nature-based recreation and exploration for walkers and cyclists to enjoy. This special site has also been sustaining damage from people illegally entering the reserve in their 4WDs. The team will also work with the local council and community to help prevent future damage.

Action & outcomes

Rehabilitation works include weed control on 5 hectares of at-risk sections of Endangered Regional Ecosystem and revegetation of cleared woodland adjacent to major tracks and fire accessways.

The project will also bring an extreme outbreak of woody, ground-based and vine weeds including asparagus vine, lantana and pepper tree (to name a few) under control.

The primary weeding works have been completed achieving a 90% removal rate. Ruby Saltbush has been planted where an extensive section of asparagus fern was removed, and native trees and shrubs have been planted to fill in previously cleared areas.

The project is currently in its first year which is dedicated to intensive weed control and revegetation, with a second year allocated to maintaining the work completed in year 1. The area will now be maintained by B4C throughout the remaining years of the project.

The project is enhancing the values of Moreton Bay’s Ramsar wetlands, protecting endangered vegetation and enhancing the unique natural area so that it is accessible for the community for proper nature-based recreation and exploration.

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