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Like the community, we at Healthy Land and Water love the Brisbane River. Since 1999, we’ve shown our dedication via the Healthy Land and Water Clean Up Program, a weekly service which removes thousands of kilograms of rubbish from the river each year. The Clean Up Program collects meticulous data, and over the last 8 years, food packaging has consistently been in the top three items picked out of the river by the Clean Up crew. That represents approximately 17% of all rubbish collected in South East Queensland waterways. These findings inspired the Love Brisbane River initiative, a community-based campaign which promotes effective strategies to reduce food packaging litter entering the Brisbane River through community engagement and ownership.

You can get involved by uploading a photo or video to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtags #pickup2fortheview and #LoveBrisbaneRiver     

You can organise a community clean-up in your area

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Contact Rachael Nasplezes at or phone 3177 9106 to get more information on the project and to enquire how you can get involved.

Since 2016, the number of food packaging collected from the Brisbane River through the Clean Up Program has increased. It is a problem replicated throughout the globe and our current usage is not sustainable. Approximately 8% of the oil produced worldwide is used in the complete manufacturing process of plastics (including energy used during production). Of all plastic produced, about one third is used to make plastic packaging, which quickly becomes rubbish. The world’s fossil fuel reserves are declining, as is our capacity for disposal of waste into landfills. The linear, as opposed to cyclical, nature of the world’s current plastic usage is not sustainable.

Love Brisbane River is driven by community involvement and ownership. One of the solutions to plastic pollution is to change behaviour around littering. Behaviour change is often more effective when carried out at the community level. Studies show that involving community in clean-up events can promote a long-term reduction in littering behaviour and increase individual motivation pick up litter.

As part of the campaign, Healthy Land and Water is encouraging everyone to pick up 2 pieces of litter when you see it and dispose of it appropriately. When you pick up litter, it prevents pollution from entering our waterways and reduces the risk of contamination to marine life.

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