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Agriculture can get a bad rap as a practice that is entirely detrimental to the environment, but implementing the right management practices can lead to greater profitability, environmental benefits and support for local rural communities.

The Land Management Practices Program, funded by the Australian government’s National Landcare Program, aims to work with landholders, farming and community groups in South East Queensland (SEQ) to improve soil health and native vegetation.

Some of the major threats to agricultural production in SEQ include declining soil health, decreasing soil carbon levels and increasing soil acidification. Ensuring that soil is in good condition is critical to maintaining ongoing sustainable production of food and fibre, as well as helping to provide ecosystem services such as maintaining landscape stability and function by improving soil carbon and minimising loss of nutrients into waterways.

Where land is managed in a way that either conserves or enhances native vegetation, the results can also be highly beneficial for sustainable farm production. A well-balanced ecosystem has a key role in functions such as soil health, water quality, pest management and salinity control. Maintaining good vegetation cover helps keep soils healthy, as roots help bind the soil together, controlling run-off and preventing erosion.

The Land Management Practices Program will deliver a range of activities including workshops, field days, demonstration sites and tailored information. These activities will improve the knowledge and skills of land managers to adopt land management practices that protect the condition of soil and vegetation and increase their capacity to adapt to significant climate change.

The program will address key local, regional and national priorities of soil fertility, soil carbon decline, soil acidification, hillslope erosion and vegetation condition through the following activities:

  • Soil health (Soil acidification, Soil carbon decline) subprogram – Supporting local groups with workshops, soil testing, interpretation and specialist advice, farm trials, demonstration sites and field days.
  • Hillslope erosion subprogram – Establishing representative local demo sites and running field days to promote best grazing and groundcover management practices and erosion control measures.
  • Native vegetation subprogram – Supporting landholders to develop property plans through the delivery of Rural Essentials workshops and Native Vegetation and Fire Management Planning workshops.
  • Climate adaptation – Workshops and field days supporting improved knowledge of climate impacts and adoption strategies, plans and tools to manage risks, adapt and improve resilience.


This project is funded by the Australian Government.

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