Go2zone was a social enterprise initiated by Healthy Land and Water with the vision of reducing the impacts that single use plastics are having on our beautiful waterways and oceans.

Through providing our communities with a choice to use a reusable bottle filled with free, chilled, tap water, Go2zone has saved many 1000’s of single use plastic bottles from entering our waterways and oceans, contributing to clean and healthy environments for our marine wildlife, and our valuable marine and freshwater systems.

Over the past several years, with your support, we have been busy trialling and testing our Go2zone Water Refill station prototypes here in South East Queensland (SEQ).

As a start-up we have worked hard with the resources we have had to drive positive change, however we are no longer able to continue to operate, with the decision being made to fully divest the business.

We wish to thank all our supporters and partners, who championed the cause along with us.

Together we have achieved the following:

  • Since inception, Go2zone has dispensed over 300,000 litres of FREE chilled water potentially saving over 600,000 single-use plastic bottles from entering our waterways, oceans and landfills.
  • Ensured that schools and community groups have benefited from the ownership of some stations and will continue to champion the reduction of plastic pollution on local waterway health in their local communities.
  • Been present at hundreds of events in SEQ making those events more sustainable.
  • Been at the forefront of the development, design and broad scale implementation of water refill stations both here in SEQ, across the country and within South-East Asia.


Once again, I would like to thank you for your support of our Go2zone social enterprise to date, and in helping us to move toward achieving our vision of healthy waterways.

If you would like to make any enquiries or need some more information please contact us at  reception@hlw.org.au or (07) 3177 9100 or visit the Healthy Land and Water website at www.hlw.org.au


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