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Breaking down barriers to community involvement in natural resource management

Healthy Land and Water’s Brisbane Catchments Network Online Mapping Tool is making it possible to get a holistic “whole of catchment” view of the landscape, incorporating natural resource management information to identify on-ground projects across Brisbane.

Designed to assist catchment groups with project design, the new GIS-based mapping tool is providing transparency between groups and local government on project proposals and allowing for awareness and integration of natural resource management priorities at a local scale.

Importantly, the tool is aligned to the SEQ Natural Resource Management Plan (the NRM Plan), enabling the community to be involved in the implementation of the NRM Plan.


About the project

  • Breaking down barriers to community involvement in natural resource management.
  • Saving time and funding in the project approvals process.
  • Making project planning and coordinating easier.
  • Increasing knowledge and skills of Brisbane Catchment Network members.
  • Providing shovel ready, pre-approved projects.


Download the project snapshot here.


This project is being delivered in partnership with Brisbane City Council and the Brisbane Catchments Network.

This project is supported by Healthy Land and Water, through funding from the Australian Government’s Environment Restoration Fund.

Why this project is important

Each passionate Brisbane Catchment Network group across Brisbane is busy undertaking work in their individual catchment, but historically, have not considered on ground works at a landscape scale.

This has meant that planning has not always been informed by data or landscape-wide priorities.


In partnership with Brisbane City Council, Healthy Land and Water delivered 11 training workshops in 2020, teaching members of the Brisbane Catchments Network and Habitat Brisbane groups how to use the new mapping tool and discussing key natural resource management topics.

Catchment groups simply enter details of their planned on-ground work and it displays on the online map. Since the tool has been rolled out, Brisbane Catchment Network members have uploaded 263 proposed projects. These projects are then sent to Brisbane City Council for pre approval.

With assistance from their Brisbane City Council Creek Catchment Officers, catchment groups have started utilising this tool to help develop their Habitat Restoration Action Plans, which will provide a strategic plan for each catchment moving forward.


The tool is

  • Enabling community participation in natural resource management, making it easier for Brisbane Catchment Network groups to align projects with priorities outlined in the NRM Plan.
  • Helping to identify agreed priorities and collaborations.
  • Facilitating informed discussions with key partners and stakeholders.
  • Providing transparency between Brisbane Catchment Network groups and Brisbane City Council on potential project locations across the electorate.

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