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Top tips for enjoying our waterways safely

There are two types of recreation in our waterways – primary contact is any activity where the whole body or face is frequently immersed in water, while secondary contact refers to activities where only the limbs are regularly wet and ingesting water is unlikely.

Follow these tips and always use your best judgement to decide if it’s safe to enter a waterway:


Tip 1: Wait after heavy rain


Avoid primary contact recreation with waterways during, and at least one day after heavy rain in open waterways and beaches, and for at least three days within confined bays, estuaries, and rivers.



Tip 2: Avoid water near stormwater drains


Always avoid primary contact recreation in or near stormwater drains and floodwaters.




Tip 3: Look for pollution


Look out for indicators of pollution before entering waterways including discoloured or strong smelling water, and floating litter, scum or debris.




Tip 4: Look for warning signs


Look for posted warning signs and always follow the advice on them.




Tip 5: Avoid contact with wounds and infections


Avoid primary contact recreation with waterways if you have an open wound or infection.





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