Project 1

Project 1: Restoration of the Illinbah Section of Lamington National Park

The Illinbah section of Lamington National Park was severely impacted by high intensity fires in late 2019, damaging rainforest species, opening the rainforest canopy and allowing weeds to become established. While significant natural regeneration is also occurring, re-sprouting and germinating native species need to be protected from weed growth that could overwhelm and inhibit natural regrowth.


Key facts about this area:

  • Forms part of the Gondwana Rainforests World Heritage Area
  • Consists of several vegetation communities including EPBC listed critically endangered lowland subtropical rainforest
  • Provides habitat for several listed plant and animal species such as the Fleay’s Barred Frog, the Giant Barred Frog and Onion Cedar

Key objectives of this project:

This Project will remove lantana and other invasive weeds in fire affected areas of the Illinbah section of Lamington National Park as a basis for assisting natural regeneration, protecting threatened species, protecting threatened ecological communities and improving the ecological integrity of this part of the Gondwana World Heritage Rainforests area.

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