NRM Targets

41 targets, 10 priority

Of the 41 targets defined in the NRM Plan for South East Queensland, 10 headline targets were identified as priority areas for review.

These ten natural assets were identified by an expert panel and community roundtables to help tell a more focused story of how natural resource management can support the achievement of the Plan’s targets.

The 10 headline targets are listed below. Click on each target for more information.

Waterways Bushland Wetlands Beaches
Farmland Outdoor Recreational Spaces Seagrass, mangroves and reef Scenic amenity
Air quality Community

For each of the 10 natural assets, there is one high-level headline target within the SEQ NRM Plan that measures progress towards success. Each headline target has one or more linked indicators from the SEQ NRM Plan to assist with monitoring natural assets health. For example, protecting and managing bushland and forests also helps to maintain threatened species’ habitat, forest connectivity and wildlife corridors. Achievement of these headline targets is required to enhance and maintain the liveability and prosperity of the region.

The Natural Resource Atlas Story Map illustrates the latest data on condition of the 10 natural assets and the outcomes of our Ecosystem Health Monitoring Program (EHMP). The EHMP is an annual program that monitors waterway health, with results provided through a Report Card. These results contribute to assessing the status of the water asset and inform progress of ShapingSEQ.

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