History of the Plan

In 2003, National Resource Management South East Queensland (NRMSEQ) and SEQ Western Catchments Group (SEQWCG) were formed through the Australian Government’s Natural Heritage Trust and National Action Plan for Salinity and Water Quality programs; each were tasked to develop an NRM plan relating to their area of activity.  NRMSEQ developed the SEQ Integrated Natural Resource Management Plan – the Future in the Balance and SEQWCG developed Healthy Land, Our Future – An Integrated Regional Natural Resource Management Plan for the Western Catchments of SEQ.

In 2005, NRMSEQ and SEQ Western Catchments Group merged to form SEQ Catchments Ltd and work started on a new, combined NRM Plan for the region.

In 2009, the new NRM plan for the region, the South East Queensland Natural Resource Management Plan 2009-2031 (the SEQ NRM Plan 2009; DERM 2009) was launched. Development of this whole-of-community plan was undertaken with the broader SEQ community and coordinated by the South East Queensland Regional Coordination Group, namely: Queensland Government, SEQ Traditional Owner Alliance, Growcom, SEQ Catchments Ltd, Healthy Waterways, Consortium for Integrated Resource Management, Queensland Conservation Council, SEQ Water, and Council of Mayors (SEQ).

The SEQ NRM Plan 2009 was purposefully “designed to guide existing and future plans, strategies and actions to coordinate the management and use of natural resources to enhance community, economic and environmental values” (DERM 2009), rather than to be an action- oriented implementation plan, in recognition of the many existing plans within the region. Whilst not statutory, the SEQ NRM Plan 2009 was a Policy in the statutory South East Queensland Regional Plan 2009-2031 (DIP 2009), which required land use change to have due regard to the achievement of NRM targets. Targets in the SEQ NRM Plan 2009 identified the minimum desired extent and, in some cases the condition, of integral components of land and seascapes in the SEQ region. The Plan has 41 targets under the following asset themes:

  • Water
  • Land
  • Air and atmosphere
  • Nature conservation
  • Coastal and marine
  • Regional landscape areas
  • Community
  • Traditional owners


In 2016, as requirement of the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program for specific consideration the impacts of climate change, and in accord with its five-year review cycle, SEQ Catchments completed an update of the SEQ NRM Plan and a review of progress toward achievement of targets. The resulting revised SEQ NRM Plan, Managing Natural Assets for a Prosperous South East Queensland 2014-2031 (Prosperous SEQ; SEQC 2016) also enhanced the target framework by identifying 10 headline targets supported by the remaining 31 targets (referred to as indicator targets), to increase acceptance and improve uptake of the Plan.

  • Waterways
  • Bushland
  • Beaches
  • Wetlands
  • Farmland
  • Outdoor recreational spaces
  • Seagrass, mangroves and reef
  • Scenic amenity
  • Air quality
  • Community

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