There has been much action and many wins over the lifetime of the NRM Plan.

This is the result of true collaboration and investment from Australian, State and Local Governments, community and environmental groups, industry and research, First Nation People and landholders.

The community of SEQ has on average tripled the value of original funds invested by governments and industry by providing labour and other resources to plan and implement local on ground projects.

A recent snapshot of some of the activities includes:

  • Over 175 collaborations resulting in improved natural resource management (2016-2019).
  • 40 projects with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.
  • 9 Indigenous people employed in projects on Country.
  • 13 workshops held with 102 participants.
  • Management activities for two cultural heritage sites.
  • However, a number of barriers are still impacting on communities’ and Traditional Owners’ ability to effectively and fully participate in natural resource management. It is anticipated that the current revision will highlight the enduring barriers and jointly investigate bespoke options.

At the end of the review we will be able to update the extensive natural resource management projects in SEQ in the lifetime of the plan. In the lifetime of the 2004-2014 SEQ NRM Plan, there was over 2,350 kilometres of creek bank stabilisation works, 11,460 hectares of bushland management and revegetation, and 16,523 hectares of weed management delivered across SEQ.


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