Empower First Nations and community

Empower First Nations & community

Driving place-based solutions using traditional knowledge and an integrated town and area-wide approach.


Current situation: under-utilised but keen & capable  Why now: creates ownership and value-adding WHAT IS NEEDED

First Nations peoples’ lived in harmony with their local environs for many millennia before Europeans arrived, yet their traditional knowledge around living sustainably and Caring for Country is not well integrated within planning and resilience delivery – a missed opportunity for designing optimal co-existence systems.

  • There is a growing desire for people and communities to care for the environment and live sustainably, but they are often constrained by a lack of knowledge of what they can do to protect and improve their local environs. 

Empowering First Nations traditional knowledge to become a critical component of designing sustainable solutions for Country.

Improving First Nations and community involvement in decision making.

Encouraging people to examine and adapt their behaviours for the benefit of the natural world and for the people and places we love.

Empowering millions of people across regions to be part of the solution by giving them knowledge about what they can do to look after their environs, communities and way of life.

$8.5 million annual investment (for 3 years then tapering significantly):

  • First Nations and community approach to landscape and township fire, flood and drought management:
    • Expansion of global best practice models – First Nations fire management planning for urban areas ($750,000).
    • Provide forums for stakeholders to work together on shared priorities and aspirations ($100,000).
    • Facilitate First Nations and community led start-ups to deliver local outcomes ($100,000).
  • Living local communities and place-based solutions:
    • Activating local places
      (12 x $500,000 – 6 SEQ, 6 QLD).
    • Nature based green Olympics ready tourism (10 x $80,000).
    • Recreational education
      (10 x $80,000).

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