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Jacobs Well and Cabbage Tree

Healthy Land and Water is working with the Gold Coast Waterways Authority (GCWA) to replace existing block and tackle moorings located within the Gold Coast section of Moreton Bay Marine Park.22 Environmentally Friendly Moorings have recently been installed in Jacobs Well and Steiglitz (Cabbage Tree Point). Several healthy samples of seagrass have been collected directly next to the existing dead zones in Jacobs Well and Steiglitz. This is a positive sign for future seagrass recovery within these dead zones.

Read more about the Gold Coast Water Authority mooring management strategy.

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Moreton Bay Marine Park EFM replacement 2020-2024

Healthy Land and Water is working with the Department of Environment and Science (DES) to replace 116 old block and tackle moorings in priority mooring locations identified within the Moreton Bay Marine Park.

As part of this project Healthy Land and Water will provide funding for the supply and installation of up to 116 environmentally friendly moorings. Together with a stellar team of seagrass scientists Healthy Land and Water undertakes rigorous in-field monitoring to understand the recovery of marine habitats through the program and communicates this across the community.

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