Adoption accelerator

Adoption accelerator

Capacity building training and co-funded grant program to increase people’s ability to build resilience to extreme events.


Current situation: motivated but lack support

Why now: connected, integrated and empowered


The majority of people care about the environment and inherently want to co-exist with it sustainably, but are held back because of:

  • Lack of money to complete the works – it can be expensive!

  • Lack of knowledge – they don’t always know what the problems are and what they can do to help.

Brings about positive change with public benefit sooner by:

  • Providing capacity building to empower millions of people to be part of the solution and actively protect their interests and local landscapes.

  • Co-funding works which have public benefit enabling landholders and businesses to deploy expensive projects sooner than they otherwise would have been able to.

  • This investment tapers down over time as people are empowered to drive what they need.

$9.6 million annual investment (for 3 years then tapering down significantly) in rural/urban adoption officers to accelerate local knowledge and manage co-funded grants program to deliver targeted local works.

  • Rural/urban adoption officers

    (10 x $150,000).

  • Training/capacity building program delivery – fire, flood, drought, built design and sustainable best practice

    (10 x $150,000).

  • Citizen science projects

    (40 x $40,000).

  • Co-funded grants program for landholders to execute on-ground works (100 x $50,000).

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