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NRM Plan for South East Queensland


What is the NRM Plan

A Natural Resource Management (NRM Plan) for a region is the suite of plans and actions for the protection and improvement of the region’s natural assets. It documents a coordinated set of actions that seek to conserve, manage, or enhance an area’s natural assets through proactive, planned programs and actions for sustaining the health of the region.

The plan is a living document, which is reviewed regularly to ensure currency to changing circumstances. South East Queensland commenced formulating the first iteration of the plan some 20 years ago, and like our environment and ecosystems, it has been adapted to our dynamic, changing environment ever since.

The NRM Plan integrates and balances the array of competing economic, cultural, and environmental factors to guide collaborative strategies and actions which produce benefits for the whole community.

In South East Queensland (SEQ), the NRM Plan is tasked to the region’s official natural resource management body, Healthy Land and Water. Our goal is to develop a plan which ensures SEQ remains an icon for its natural wealth, its liveability, and its people.


Why we need it

To conserve and effectively manage the natural and cultural assets of SEQ, we need to better understand what and where they are, their current conditions and trends over time, as well as the investments in place to protect them.

In this way, we can leverage on successes, identify gaps and contribute to a collective vision for the future state of our region supported by sustainable use of its natural assets.

Key challenges facing these assets and our ability to sustainably manage them include climate change, population growth, and changes in how land is used.

Natural assets such as air and soil, waterways and wetlands, rainforests, woodlands, forests and grasslands, coastal environments, as well as culture and people strengthen SEQ’s identity, health and liveability.


Purpose of the NRM Plan

The current SEQ NRM Plan contains a set of targets designed to assist with application of a collaborative approach and articulate the needs of the community (i.e. cultural, recreation and health), and those of a sustainable environment.

Through funding support from the Australian Government, the SEQ NRM Plan is designed to guide existing planning efforts from all levels of government, community, and industry in relation to natural resource management.

The plan identifies priority programs and is a useful document to ensure appropriate monitoring, evaluation, and reporting takes place.

The four main purposes of the SEQ NRM Plan are:

  1. To complement and inform state of the environment reporting and the preparation and review of the SEQ Regional Plan.
  2. To inform the preparation of local government planning schemes and policies, state government policy, government and non-government corporate plans, property plans.
  3. To inform the preparation of planning and investment associated with yearly and long-term business cycles at regional, sub-regional and property levels to ensure funding and community actions contribute to the achievement of regional targets.
  4. To advise state agencies and local governments in the assessment of development applications and activities that may significantly constrain the achievement of regional natural resource targets.

The targets set out in the plan are designed to ensure we maintain our region’s natural assets and our quality of life. By valuing natural assets and coordinating action at the property, catchment, and local government scale, we can build and protect the overall prosperity and wellbeing of the region.

The SEQ NRM Plan is recognised through the South East Queensland Regional Plan, ShapingSEQ, and Healthy Land and Water provides plan implementation updates to the Queensland and Australian Governments on a regular basis.


Current condition & regular review

To conserve and effectively manage the natural and cultural assets of SEQ, we need to better understand what and where they are, their current conditions and trends over time, as well as the investments in place to protect them.

Healthy Land and Water provides the leadership in the review of the SEQ NRM Plan on behalf of the Australian and Queensland Governments and our members, with input from the community. This includes evaluating performance against headline targets, brokering collaboration and engagement with key stakeholders, promoting improved understanding and articulation of Traditional Owner aspirations, identifying gaps and collate bespoke implementation plans. Our goal is to make SEQ an icon for its natural wealth, its liveability, and its people.

Every five years, Healthy Land and Water leads the review of the plan, identifying the latest and most accurate data and analysis methods. Progress against a set of targets is measured, with support from academic/research bodies, government, and community experts. Change is compared to a baseline for each target, created when the first plan was endorsed.

The first plan was created in 2009. The last major update to the plan was released in 2016. The 5 yearly review process is currently underway with a view to publishing an updated plan in 2021.

To find out more about the 5-yearly review – and how you can be involved – click on the 5 yearly review tab above.


How we use it on the ground

The NRM Plan is at the heart of what we do at Healthy Land and Water, driving the focus of our action across the region.

Through the implementation of innovative and science-based projects and initiatives, training and workshops, collaboration and more, Healthy Land and Water and its members are working to improve and protect SEQ’s landscapes, farmland, waterways, coastal environments, and biodiversity.


“Having access to clean water and air, food and housing, protection from pollutants, and access to places that positively influence our state of mind and improve our connection to the environment improve our quality life and health.”

– Julie McLellan
CEO, Healthy Land and Water




This project is supported by Healthy Land and Water through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.


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