Outdoor recreational space or ‘greenspace’ are areas of land or water that offer a range of experiences and uses including nature conservation and recreation. Greenspace can be in public or private ownership and represented by different landscapes at different scales, including bushlands, wetlands, lakes, rivers, bays, beaches, mountains, parks, and sporting fields. Greenspace provides opportunities for outdoor recreation and provides scenic amenity, reduces urban heat island effect, supports biodiversity and natural assets, and maintains water catchments and cultural heritage. A minimum of 0.15 hectares per person is recommended as a broad target for greenspace, to support community health and cohesion.

Greenspace helps to mitigate the effects of climate change by:

  • Absorbing carbon dioxide and pollutants.
  • Moderating high temperatures in built-up areas.
  • Mitigating flooding.
  • Buffering sensitive land uses from sea level rise.


Headline Target: Outdoor Recreational Spaces (RLA2)

By 2031, the 2011 extent of regional outdoor recreation settings will be maintained or increased.


Subsidiary targets

RLA 1 – Landscape heritage

By 2031, at least 90% of the 2011 area of regionally important landscape heritage will be retained within each local government area.

RLA 2 – Outdoor recreation settings

By 2031, the 2011 extent of regional outdoor recreation settings will be maintained or increased.

RLA 3 – Outdoor recreation demand

By 2031, 90% of the demand for outdoor recreation will be met through a mix of public land, waterways, and the voluntary provision of opportunities on private land.


In 2016 the Ecosystem Health Monitoring Program found:

  • The proportion of greenspace available to the SEQ population had reduced slightly to 0.14 hectares per person.
  • There was concern that the number of hectares will continue to decrease, potentially to 0.11 hectares per person by 2031.
  • Available community greenspace was 21% (2011) in SEQ, with further effort required towards increasing Protected Areas, Council Reserves, Outdoor Recreation Facilities and Urban Greenspace.

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