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Link to the survey

Here is a link to the short NRM Plan pulse survey, which should take less than 10 minutes to complete: Click here


About the NRM Plan annual pulse survey

The South East Queensland Natural Resource Management Plan is developed by the community of South East Queensland to protect and enhance our region’s natural assets.

This short annual pulse survey helps to ensure we have dynamic information on any changes across our region, so we can ensure the priorities and strategies in our region’s NRM Plan are moving with and adapting to the changing environments and supporting our communities in the best way possible.


A bit more detail


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The South East Queensland Natural Resource Management Plan (NRM Plan) guides the protection and enhancement of our region’s natural assets. The revised plan was completed in February 2022 and formally approved by the Australian Government on 30 June 2022. The newly released plan and associated information can be found here:

What we found in the 2021 review

The region is not on track to achieve most of the targets for natural assets set out in the plan, with the exception of Regional Landscapes. Focused action is needed.

What you told us in July 2021

On threats and challenges:
  • Climate change, population growth and land use change remain top threats for the region. Slow progress in recognition of and incorporation of indigenous land and sea management, funding and time constraints, weak enforcement of regulation, low public awareness, and limited uptake of research and innovation continue to pose challenges to the achievement of regional targets.
On opportunities:
  • The Brisbane Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2032 could be a lifeline for investment in our natural capital in South East Queensland. Healthy Land & Water is well-placed to lead collaborative approaches for management of the region’s natural capital.
On actions:
  • The top priorities are raising public awareness, collaboration and coordination, regulation, compliance, innovation and review of planning schemes, as summarised in the table below.



Plan: Better integrate natural values and priority areas for protection and rehabilitation into ShapingSEQ: South East Queensland Regional Plan, implement local government planning schemes, and develop plans to address key threats such as fragmentation of bushland, erosion, inappropriate fire regimes, and pest plants and animals.

Manage: Improve compliance, regulation and intervention to manage and protect natural assets from development, recreational use and other usage impacts.

Restore: Undertake restoration, revegetation, and stabilisation in priority areas.
Build resilience in our forests, floodplains and wetlands, farmland, and beaches to reduce the impact, bounce back and recover from increasing extreme weather events.

Empower: Provide support, resources, knowledge, education, extension, incentives, and involvement in decision making to build capacity and empower Traditional Owners, community groups, landholders, and citizen scientists to implement the NRM Plan.

Specific priority actions for each natural asset theme are clearly articulated in the revised plan and the accompanying Natural Asset Status Report.

The last 12 months…

Since July 2021, the region has experienced two major flood events and a change of government, and while these larger scale events continue to impact our natural assets and community, the incremental and potentially more insidious impacts of climate change continue unabated.

This is where you come in.

The purpose of this survey is to keep our finger on the pulse of these and other important happenings in the region that relate to policy and governance, our natural capital, as well as key aspects of community that are crucial for resilience and ongoing prosperity. Specifically, we aim to:

  • Gauge new or emerging opportunities (e.g. from change of government).
  • Confirm or reaffirm emerging and ongoing challenges and threats to natural assets.
  • Scope ideas for aligning effort and investments to build resilience.


Link to the survey

Here is a link to the short NRM Plan pulse survey, which should take less than 10 minutes to complete: Click here


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