Healthy Land and Water partners with community in creek revegetation

Healthy Land and Water recently joined forces with local catchment groups and Habitat Brisbane volunteers to plant more than 500 trees, shrubs and ground covers along a section of Enoggera Creek in Davidson Street Park, Brisbane.

This site has been selected for revegetation as it has been historically cleared and revegetated with exotic plants. This recent community planting will stabilise the bank and improve native habitat along this section of the creek. This project forms part of a larger Enoggera Creek restoration project funded by the Australian Government Environmental Restoration Fund.

Bank erosion of the creek, due to historic habitat clearing, results in sediment flowing downstream into the Brisbane River and subsequently the Moreton Bay Ramsar Wetland.

“Vegetation in riverbanks and creeks reduces sediment from entering waterways as their roots trap the soil and prevent erosion. By planting native plants in revegetation projects such as these, we are restoring biodiversity and bring balance to the ecosystem,” said Josh Hall from the Oxley Creek Catchment Association (OCCA).

The project will rehabilitate the stretch of creek by revegetating the bank with species typical of the Three Mile Scrub ecosystem to reduce further bank erosion. The Three Mile Scrub is an area of significant historical and botanical importance.

By 2023, primary weeding and revegetation will be completed along 9 ha of Three Mile Scrub riparian corridor to improve riparian habitat quality, resilience and connectivity.

“It is encouraging to see local community groups taking ownership of projects that protect and enhance the natural assets of South East Queensland. The time, labour and passion of volunteers make an invaluable contribution toward the success of projects such as these,” said Julie McLellan, Chief Executive Officer of Healthy Land and Water.

“Thank you to everyone for their time and effort I am proud of what we have achieved together. Funding alone does not secure the success of a project; it is only when the community comes together that we see the long-lasting impact of these type of projects in terms of habitat that is restored and biodiversity that we are protecting. We believe we will see the cumulative effect of these projects in the coming years,” said Trevor Evans, Federal Member for Brisbane.

This project is supported by Healthy Land and Water, through funding from the Australian Government’s Environment Restoration Fund.

This exciting project in urban Brisbane is delivered in proud partnership with Save Our Waterways Now (SOWN), Davidson Street Bushcare, Brisbane City Council (BCC) and the Oxley Creek Catchment Association.

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