Healthy Land and Water is encouraging community organisations to submit an Expression of Interest for small grants ($1000-$5,000) to assist with natural resource management within South East Queensland.

To apply, please discuss your project idea with your local Healthy Land and Water contact and provide a completed EOI form (download below) to them or to by 11:30pm Friday 19 June 2020. Completed EOIs should be not more than two pages and supporting information, such as a site map and landowner permission, should be provided with your EOI.


Download the Expression of Interest form here.

Download the Guidelines here.

Download the Terms and Conditions here.


Priority will be given to applications that assist organisations to:

  1. Conserve or address threats to:
    • Moreton Bay Ramsar Site
    • Gondwana Rainforests World Heritage Area
    • Nationally threatened species
    • Nationally threatened ecological communities; and/or
  1. Conserve on-farm soil, biodiversity and/or native vegetation; and/or
  2. Support agriculture systems to adapt to climate.


Funding is currently available to support action on the themes above through activities such as:

  • Building organisational capacity, e.g., governance, technical skills, monitoring
  • Improving community awareness and/or knowledge
  • Undertaking on-ground actions


Example environmental on-ground activities:

  • Controlling pest animals
  • Removing weeds
  • Improving hydrology
  • Remediating aquatic areas (including riparian areas)
  • Improving land management practices, e.g., stocking rates, watering layout, paddock design
  • Managing fire regimes
  • Protecting habitat by controlling access
  • Habitat augmentation, e.g., installation of artificial fauna movement devices, artificial nesting or roosting habitat, environmental thinning or seed banking.
  • Managing diseases


Example agriculture on-ground activities:

  • Reducing the risk of soil and nutrient loss from hillslope erosion and protecting water quality, e.g., groundcover management, strategic grazing
  • Protecting and enhancing on-farm remnant native vegetation
  • Planting new areas of native vegetation
  • Improving management of existing remnants, including riparian areas, wetlands, rocky outcrops and paddock trees


Healthy Land and Water’s Community NRM Activity Support Grants are subject to terms and conditions, and acknowledgement and reporting requirements, including photos of activities and a brief article.



This project is supported by Healthy Land and Water, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.

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