Sustainability Policy


Our Commitment

Healthy Land & Water is committed to preventing harm to people, communities and the environment.


Our Mission

Sustainable Resource & Waste Reduction

To reduce negative environmental impacts and achieve continual improvement by embracing the use of sustainable resources, compliance with environmental standards, and improved waste and energy reduction measures; and to prevent pollution and reduce the release of emissions from our workplace.


Our Strategies & Objectives

Our strategy is to act with due regard for the requirements and expectations of our proponents, neighbours and community, stakeholders, insurers, and industry associations to achieve HLW’s objective of minimising the impact our daily activities and facilities have on the natural assets and landscapes of SEQ, by reducing the consumption of resources, water and energy, while minimising waste production and disposal.


Our Actions

We will:

  • Provide information and training to our people in awareness of environmental legislation and work procedures; and
  • Ensure our suppliers and subcontractors are informed of and comply with relevant requirements.


The HLW Executive will oversee sustainability responsibilities including:

  • Minimising noise and emissions;
  • Reducing the use of non-renewable resources, and to increase recycling; and
  • Minimising the use and disposal of any hazardous substances.


Our Governance

We are committed to meeting our environmental obligations in accordance with Environmental Acts, Legislation, relevant legal and other requirements, including Local Government, contractual requirements and other requirements placed upon the organisation, or to which the organisation subscribes; and to comply with legislation protecting any site, place, structure or material of cultural heritage significance.

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Healthy Land and Water is dedicated to the care of our unique and beautiful land, waterways and biodiversity.

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