Rehabilitation and Return to Work Policy



Our Policy Statement

Healthy Land & Water encourages all employees who suffer an injury, illness or disability to return to work through the process of occupational rehabilitation, and, as part of this commitment, will expedite this process by adopting appropriate rehabilitation and return to work procedures.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support staff to return to work. Where WorkCover does not cover 100% of a Healthy Land and Water employee’s salary, Healthy Land and Water will cover the gap i.e. up to 100% of the employee’s salary, for up to three (3) months or for the duration of the WorkCover assessment whichever is the lesser.

Our Aims & Objectives

We will strive to assist employees to return to their pre-injury or illness occupation as early as possible, or alternatively, to access the services of an approved rehabilitation provider to consider options for a return to other gainful employment either with this organisation or another employer.

Our objectives are to:


  • Establish a systematic approach to occupational rehabilitation services for all employees;
  • Develop and encourage the expectation that it is normal practice following work-related injury, illness or disability for people to return to meaningful, productive employment when able;
  • Establish that rehabilitation is the usual course of action, where appropriate, and this is managed so, a safe and early transition return to meaningful, productive employment is achieved; and
  • Appoint a case manager from within the organisation or obtain the services of an approved rehabilitation provider to oversee the workplace rehabilitation process.

Our Responsibilities

Healthy Land and Water is committed to ensuring that we comply with the Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003 (the Act) and all legislative requirements and:


  •  Commence all actions to assist workers to stay at or return to work as soon as possible;
  • Assist any worker who is injured or becomes ill because of their work, to return to work provided that it is safe and practicable to do so; and
  • Provide suitable alternative work which will not jeopardise their well-being where practicable.


Employees are expected to:


  • Assist and cooperate in ensuring that this policy is followed;
  • Actively participate in the rehabilitation and return to work process as agreed between the organisation, themselves, their treatment provider, and their rehabilitation coordinator or case manager.



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