What can I do to prevent sediment pollution?

Effective erosion and sediment control (ESC) helps builders prevent sediment pollution from leaving their site and entering our waterways. Best practice ESC is grouped under three guiding principles of erosion, sediment and drainage control.

1. Erosion Control: Cover any exposed soil 
The most effective way to stop erosion is to reduce the disturbance area by covering any exposed soil, including stockpiles. This is a form of erosion control that will stop rain and wind from removing soil on your site. Less erosion means less sediment to clean up at the end of the day!

  • Soil Cover: Keep the soil on your site covered.
  • Stockpile Protection: Cover your stockpiles at the end of each day.
  • Kerb to Lot Groundcover: Cover the area from the kerb to the lot with turf.

2. Drainage Control: Divert water from your site 
The less water you have flowing over your site the less it will erode. Divert as much water away from your site as possible with downpipes (if the house roof is on) and Catch Drains.  

  • Downpipes and Stormwater Diversion: If the roof is on, install downpipes.

3. Sediment Control: Use sediment barriers when necessary 
If you have covered your soil and diverted water away from your site, then there will be less need for sediment controls. Sediment controls typically only capture coarse sediment, but let through fine sediment which cause the most damage to waterways. Protect your site from erosion by covering the soil – this will stop both fine and coarse particles from leaving your site. Where bare soil cannot be avoided, install a suitable sediment barrier.

  • Stormwater Inlet Protection: Cover internal stormwater inlet.
  • Entry/Exit Rock Pad: Stabilise your site access before work begins.
  • Coarse Sediment Barrier: Install on downslope side and ‘return’ around at ends.

Other Pollutant Controls 

  • Waste Management: Keep your site clean and tidy.
  • Capture Cement Run-off and Paint: Do not let it flow down the drain.

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