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Following news from the Queensland Government that tighter COVID-19 measures are being re-introduced, we are keeping a close eye on our schedule of upcoming face-to-face events.

We recommend you register for any event you are interested in, and we will make sure you are kept up to date if we need to make any changes.

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Celebrating the 50th anniversary of global wetland action

Wetland conservation and protection is in the spotlight this month as we approach 2 February 2021, which is not only World Wetlands Day, but also marks 50 years since the signing of an international agreement aimed at conserving and protecting wetlands across the globe. The Convention on Wetlands of International Importance (the Ramsar Convention) came […]

Next-gen sensors set to revolutionise monitoring of waterways

Healthy Land and Water Strategic Science Manager Dr Grace Muriuki and Lake Baroon Catchment Care Group Project Manager (Dairy) Paul Mackay. Promising Australian research is looking into how the latest cutting-edge technology could be applied to water sensors to create a new breed of automated, low-cost water monitoring options. If successful, it could revolutionise the […]

Unexpected roadblock leads to innovative solution for lungfish

Lungfish Habitat Rehabilitation Program: Phase 1 complete Australian Lungfish (Neoceratodus forsteri) are a protected species, endemic to catchments in South East Queensland (SEQ) and are listed as Vulnerable, and a Matter of National Environmental Significance under the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act). We are now a year into an innovative Lungfish […]

Much needed koala protection project kicks off in Queensland

A novel and much needed koala conservation project has kicked off in Queensland, squarely aimed at helping address the worrying substantial decline in koala populations faced across many parts of eastern Australia. Led by the natural resource management group for South East Queensland, Healthy Land and Water, the three-year Protecting Koalas project has its sights […]

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