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Following news from the Queensland Government that tighter COVID-19 measures are being re-introduced, we are keeping a close eye on our schedule of upcoming face-to-face events.

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Join the fight against marine debris this Clean Up Australia Day

  The problem of marine debris and litter Marine debris directly threatens the health and survival of marine animals in Quandamooka (Moreton Bay) through entanglement and ingestion. Plastic litter is particularly problematic as it can take hundreds – even thousands – of years to fully break down and accumulates in the environment over time. Plastic […]

Showcase conference 2021 – Recordings available now

Program & recordings Healthy Land and Water is pleased to present the recorded segments of its premier environmental event for South East Queensland in 2021 Attendees at the one-day event were treated to an engaging showcase of impactful work for the region, including: Launch of the refreshed NRM Plan draft for public consultation for SEQ. […]

Critters that call the Moreton Bay Ramsar Wetland home: the Water mouse (Xeromys myoides)

Water mouse (Xeromys myoides) Other Names: False water rat, yirrkoo Conservation status: Vulnerable (Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999; Nature Conservation Act 1992) The water mouse is a native rodent that inhabits coastal freshwater and intertidal environments, including saltmarsh, mangroves and wetlands. In Queensland, discontinuous populations have been recorded along the coast from […]

Coastcare Week 2021: Celebrating Coastcare in the Moreton Bay Ramsar Wetland

Coastcarers dedicate significant time and effort undertaking dune protection, revegetating native coastal environments and protecting sensitive coastal habitats. Healthy Land and Water is working with local Coastcare groups to help protect the Moreton Bay Ramsar Wetland, internationally recognised for its biodiversity and ecological significance. We recently chatted to some of these Coastcarers, and would like […]

SEQ’s much loved waterways in decline

The 2021 Report Card for South East Queensland (SEQ) released today indicates the region’s waterways are no longer holding the line. As the population in SEQ has grown over the past two decades, significant investments have been made into our catchments and point source pollution such as sewage treatment plants, which has improved water quality […]

Insights to actions: 21 years of the Report Card

For over 20 years the health of South East Queensland’s waterways has been monitored and reported on via a comprehensive Ecosystem Health Monitoring Program (EHMP), providing a snapshot of the health of waterways of the region in the form of an annual Report Card. The internationally recognised program provides a regional picture of the state […]

South East Queensland’s wetland action in the spotlight

Healthy Land and Water and a host of its partners across South East Queensland are delivering a range of activities to reduce threats and restore habitat in and around Quandamooka (Moreton Bay), alongside project delivery partners including Traditional Owners, private landowners, land managers, and local environment groups. A range of projects are being delivered under […]

Measuring the economic and social benefits of waterways

The region’s waterways provide many important benefits such as clean and safe drinking water, habitats for recreational and commercial fishing and a reliable water source for agricultural productivity. Rivers, creeks, lakes and beaches that are easily accessible are an important place of recreation where locals can walk, cycle, swim, boat, fish, camp, picnic and socialise. […]

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