Healthy Land and Water is dedicated to the care of our unique and beautiful land, waterways and biodiversity.


Our Clean Up program collects over 250,000 pieces of litter every year, helping to keep our SEQ waterways clean. 


Over 4,000 landowners have now registered for the Land for Wildlife program, helping to preserve our natural assets. 


More than 900 hectares of land was treated for weed control under our vegetation management programs in 2016.


In 2016, flood resilience solutions were applied to more than 63 kilometres of stream bank, helping to keep our waterways strong. 


Choose to reuse and help reduce plastic waste by purchasing one of our unique reusable bottles. $1 from every bottle purchase will be donated to support the Healthy Land and Water Clean Up Program which removes litter from the waterways. Healthy Land and Waters' reusable water bottles are also for available for sale in select Howards Storage World and RSPCA Queensland stores.

By choosing to reuse you are helping to reduce the amount of plastic waste which often ends up in our waterways where it chokes and kills wildlife


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    Stainless Steel Bottle

    Stainless Steel Bottle

    500ml white stainless steel water bottle with unique straw mouthpiece.

    - 500ml, 22.5 cm high and 7 cm diameter
    - Food grade stainless steel
    - Unique BPA free mouthpiece with straw - no spills!
    - Fold-away mouth piece
    - Keeps water cool for up to 12 hours
    - Contour design for comfortable grip
    - Dishwasher safe (top rack only)
    * Not suitable for hot beverages.
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Hire a water refill station

Plastic bottles are the most common item removed from our waterways by the Healthy Land and Water Clean Up crew. You can save money and prevent plastic bottles becoming waterway litter by hiring a portable water refill station for your next community event.

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