Urban impervious  


Urban areas with dense areas of impervious surfaces (e.g. concrete and roads) are highly vulnerable to generating sediment runoff during all rainfall (anything from light to heavy rains), if appropriate management measures are not taken. This is because the high density (and connectivity) of impervious areas causes large and fast stormwater flows with strong erosive power.


Approaches for managing  vulnerable ares include:

  • Apply best-practice erosion and sediment control (ESC) and promote compliance on construction and building sites. This is a practical, fair and cost-effective strategy to prevent the amount of sediment runoff and associated costs to communities within urban areas. Find out more.
  • Apply Water Sensitive Urban Design principles for managing urban stormwater , for existing and future developments. Find out more.
  • Rehabilitation of urban waterways to disconnect impervious areas and slow stormwater. Find out more.

Focus areas

A series of maps have been developed identifying the focus for action to help reduce sediment pollution. For access to this information, please contact us.