Rural hillslope erosion


Hillslope erosion (including sheet and rill erosion) occurs when overland flow erodes valuable topsoil, transporting and delivering sediment into adjacent waterways. The land’s position, soil type, slope and distance from a stream determine how vulnerable it will be to hillslope erosion that transports sediment into streams.


Approaches for managing areas vulnerable to rural hillslope erosion include:

  • Conserve and rehabilitate riparian (streambank) vegetation
  • Slow water in the rural landscape, by increasing ground cover and conserving natural vegetation. Vegetation protects against scouring and minimises erosion risk by slowing flow and promoting infiltration.
  • Promote uptake of best management practice (BMP) to protect farming land and businesses from potential risks. Industry lead BMP programs in south east Queensland are Grazing BMP and Hort360 .

Focus areas

A series of maps have been developed identifying the focus for action to help reduce sediment pollution. For access to this information, please contact us.