Gully erosion


Gully erosion is the loss of soil along drainage lines by surface water runoff. Once initiated, gullies will continue to grow by head ward erosion or by slumping of the side walls. Gullying can be exacerbated by agricultural land-use, particularly grazing.


Approaches for managing areas vulnerable to gully erosion include:

  • Conserve and increase vegetation cover. Vegetation is the key long-term action in controlling gully erosion. Vegetation provides protection against scouring and minimises the erosion risk by slowing flow and promoting infiltration.
  • Structures may be needed to stabilise a gully head or to promote siltation and vegetative growth in the gully floor
  • In grazing land, fencing the gullied area is highly desirable
  • Promote uptake of best management practice (BMP) to protect farming land and businesses from potential risks. Industry lead BMP programs in south east Queensland are Grazing BMP and Hort360 .

Focus areas

A series of maps have been developed identifying the focus for action to help reduce sediment pollution. For access to this information,  please contact us.