Growth areas


Residential and industrial growth areas are sites where farmland or natural vegetation are earmarked for, or are currently being developed for the purpose of housing and employing the expanding SEQ population. Works in these growth areas, are generally outside the urban footprint, and involve large scale disturbance of soil and vegetation. Exposed or disturbed soils are often exposed for lengthy periods of time (multiple years). During the land clearing and construction phases, the export rates of sediment can be equal to or higher than other land uses such as industrial agricultural and urban.


Approaches for managing greenfield development sites are:

  • Apply best-practice erosion and sediment control (ESC) and promote compliance to manage sediment runoff during land clearing and construction phases. This is a practical, fair and cost-effective strategy to prevent the amount of sediment runoff and associated future costs to the community. Find out more.
  • Design all new developments using Water Sensitive Urban Design principles for managing urban stormwater[ES2]  into the future. Find out more. 

Focus areas

A series of maps have been developed identifying the focus for action to help reduce sediment pollution. For access to this information, please contact us.