Healthy Land and Water is dedicated to the care of our unique and beautiful land, waterways and biodiversity.


Our Clean Up program collects over 250,000 pieces of litter every year, helping to keep our SEQ waterways clean. 


Over 4,000 landowners have now registered for the Land for Wildlife program, helping to preserve our natural assets. 


More than 900 hectares of land was treated for weed control under our vegetation management programs in 2016.


In 2016, flood resilience solutions were applied to more than 63 kilometres of stream bank, helping to keep our waterways strong. 


2017 Report Card Launch

Healthy Land and Water's 2017 Report Card, revealing the current condition and benefits of South East Queensland's waterways, will be released on November 2.

The Report Card provides an annual assessment of the pressures facing our waterways, their current environmental condition (A-F grade), and the level of social and economic benefit the waterways provide to local communities (1-5 star rating).

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What's new?

Working with local and state governments, Healthy Land and Water has assessed each catchment to identify areas that are vulnerable to generating sediment pollution if they are not appropriately managed. Find out more.







2015 Report Card

Healthy Land and Water Report Card

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2009-2014 Report Card

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