South East Queensland Catchments

Our region includes 14 major river catchments and numerous smaller ones. Ten of these catchments flow directly into Moreton Bay. Moreton Bay is internationally recognised for its biodiversity. It supports diverse habitats, including one of Australia’s most extensive areas of seagrass, mangroves and salt marsh which provide food and shelter for a range of wildlife.

Our Monitoring Program groups each catchment to a sub-region: Northern, Moreton, Southern or Western.

What is a catchment?

A catchment is an area of land which captures rainfall and drains runoff to a common point, typically a river, stream or dam.

Pressures on our waterways 

The major pressures on our waterways include: 

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Our Priorities 

Ongoing investment in maintaining and improving our waterways will benefit the environment, economy and essentially our quality of life.

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Community and Tourism 

South East Queensland's waterways play a key role in providing a range of community benefits, including recreation and tourism activities, positive health and wellbeing, and increased liveability.

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