Fishers to help build sustainable future for SEQ

17 March 2017

Not-for-profit organisations, Healthy Land and Water and Ozfish Unlimited will hold a ‘Fishers for Fish Habitat’ forum on the Gold Coast on Saturday March 18 to engage recreational fishers in the protection and management of South East Queensland’s underwater habitats.

The forum is part of a national effort funded by the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation and supported by the City of Gold Coast and Sea World Research and Rescue Foundation. The aim of the forum is to encourage the recreational fishing community to get active in fish habitat protection and restoration. 

Julie McLellan, CEO of Healthy Land and Water, said the health of fish habitats in South East Queensland had declined, with social, economic and environmental repercussions.

“Recreational fishing is one of the most economically and socially important leisure activities in South East Queensland, involving people from all parts of society,” she said.

“We are very excited to be working alongside Ozfish Unlimited and our local recreational fisher folk to better understand the values of our underwater habitats and our impacts on local fish stocks, and to build a collective vision of how we can better protect and restore these vital community assets.”

Director of OzFish Unlimited, Craig Copeland, said impacts on fish habitats can be addressed by actions such as removing barriers to fish movement, replanting riparian areas and improving water quality.  

“It’s recreational fishers working on these projects that will make the difference. We get the most out of having a good place to fish so trying to help just seems like the right thing to do,” he said.

Director of Sea World Research & Rescue Foundation, Trevor Long said protection of fish habitats was key to the ongoing sustainability of our oceans and marine life.

“Sea World Research and Rescue Foundation is very proud to support this forum and continue the conversation with recreational fishers on how we can best work together to protect the amazing values and biodiversity of the Gold Coast and Moreton Bay areas,” Mr Long said.

The free forum is being held on the Gold Coast at Broadwater Parkland on Saturday 18 March. RSVP’s are essential and can be booked via the Healthy Land and Water events page.

For more information:

Mitchell Olivey, Communications Manager, Sea World Research and Rescue Foundation, 0403 279 973 

Charles Stevens, Media and Communications Manager, Healthy Land and Water, 0488 713 340