Brisbane MP tours Breakfast Creek litter hotspots

29 June 2017

Federal MP for Brisbane, Trevor Evans, toured litter hot spots along Breakfast Creek in the Healthy Land and Water Clean-Up Boat today. 

Trevor Evans gave $50,000 to Healthy Land and Water to help the organisation remove plastic bags, plastic bottles, discarded fishing line and other forms of marine debris from Brisbane’s waterways over the next two years.

This funding forms part of the broader Brisbane River Recovery – A Living Waterways Approach project and is funded through the Federal Government’s ‘Improving your local parks and environment’ initiative.

South East Queensland is renowned for its beautiful coastal waterways and inland freshwater creeks, however like all other major water systems across the country and globe, it is suffering due to the impacts of plastic pollution entering waterways. 

The Healthy Land and Water Clean-Up Crew – a third generation father and son team - have been removing rubbish from the Brisbane River for over 15 years. In the 2015/2016 financial year, the crew pulled nearly 50,000 items of litter across 210 kilometres of waterways in South East Queensland.

They hope this funding will let them continue the good work they are doing to keep plastics out of our waterways, including the Brisbane River and Moreton Bay.