Sailing for Seagrass

The Healthy Waterways and Earthwatch Australia Sailing for Seagrass Project provides opportunities for volunteers to become 'citizen scientists' through real-world experiences. Under the guidance of Healthy Waterways scientists, volunteers investigate the health of Moreton Bay's seagrass communities and other critical environmental issues while in the field. 

Hands-on learning 

The project consists of in-the-field and laboratory learning through hands-on experiences. Volunteers will assist scientists in collecting and analysing data that will provide important information to the Healthy Waterways Monitoring Program and contribute to the annual Healthy Waterways Report Card. Tasks include:

  • Collecting seagrass samples for research 
  • Monitoring and collecting information on the diverse fish species that use seagrass 
  • Conducting underwater visual monitoring and mapping of seagrass and other habitats
  • Analysing seagreass samples in the laboratory. 


In partnership with Earthwatch Australia, Healthy Waterways scientists lead a 'citizen science' expedition three times a year: 

  • A trip open to the general public 
  • A student challenge (for year 11 and 12 students) 
  • A science teachers' experience (TeachLive - in partnership with the Geography Teachers Association Victoria).  

Join an expedition     Download the project brief 

For more information about the Citizen Science Project, please contact Dr James Udy

The Citizen Science Project was selected by Qantas to feature in one of six 'Spirit of Australia' videos. The emotive video is now airing across all Qantas planes (domestic flights) and aims to capture the essence of Australia as we support our next generation of youths.