Science and Research

Rigorous science and research are the driving force behind Healthy Waterways’ programs and initiatives.Healthy Waterways delivers a cost-effective and integrated scientific program at regional, sub-regional and local catchment levels. We provide independent scientific advice and management tools to inform decisions, priorities and actions. All research projects are overseen by our Executive Scientific Expert Panel, a collaboration between our Chief Executive Officer, Chief Scientist and scientists from universities, research organisations, Queensland Government and industry.

Healthy Waterways is committed to enhancing research partnerships and collaboration with stakeholders, research and academic institutions and research consortia (e.g. Co-operative Research Centres) in the delivery of relevant scientific information and tools for our members. We ensure that rigorous and independent science underpins our work, and that members have access to relevant scientific information and decision support tools.

Linking Science to Management

There is a strong need to deliver an enhanced capacity to make decisions on appropriate waterway management actions. Healthy Waterways’ adaptive management framework is an innovative and thorough approach to water quality management whereby scientific research, community participation and development of management actions are done collaboratively. We believe that improved understanding and availability of decision support tools for the management of land and water result in better project outcomes.

Community Action

Find out about the projects undertaken by local landholders and community groups in your local catchment area to protect and improve our waterways, and how you can get involved.  

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Monitoring our Waterways

We have been working with our members and scientific experts to expand our Monitoring Program to include social and economic indicators.

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Enjoy Waterways Safely

Our Healthy Waterplay Program enables people to make informed decisions about where and when to use waterways for recreation. Follow our top tips...

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