Plastic Pollution Revolution

Healthy Waterways launched the Plastic Pollution Revolution in 2012 to create a movement of people who are committed to reducing their plastic footprint. As at October 2014, over five and a half thousand people have taken the pledge!

As an incentive to join the Plastic Pollution Revolution, everyone who makes a pledge on Facebook to reduce their use of plastic will go in the draw to win a family holiday to Tangalooma Island Resort. Winners are announced every month on our Facebook page.

Some startling statistics about the impacts of plastics:

  • Every year, over 7 million tonnes of rubbish ends up in the world’s oceans, 80% of which is plastic.
  • Plastic never biodegrades, it breaks up into smaller and smaller pieces, gradually turning our waterways and oceans into ‘plastic soup’.
  • Waterway litter is extremely harmful to wildlife that become entangled or mistake litter for food, resulting in injury or death.
  • Up to 30% of turtle deaths in Moreton Bay are caused by the ingestion of plastic litter.
  • Waterway litter causes the death of 100,000 marine mammals per year, including dugongs, turtles and whales.


To join the Revolution:

VISIT our Facebook page

PLEDGE, choose an action or create your own

REDUCE your plastic footprint

SHARE the Revolution with colleagues, friends and family

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