In partnership with Sunfish and OzFish Unlimited, we need your help to protect and restore fish habitats in SEQ. We want to give our proud recreational fishing community a way to get active in habitat protection and restoration; a need that is growing at a rapid rate. Our mission is to protect our fishing future, but as part of that journey, we want Aussie fishers to feel appreciated as environmental stewards.

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Moreton Bay fishing party ca. 1915

Fish Habitat Map

Any recreational fisher knows that fishing is all about the experience – relaxing with friends, connecting with nature, escaping the hustle and bustle and enjoying some down time in beautiful places.

Continuing to have access to healthy fish stocks, sustainable fish nurseries and healthy waterways is something almost every angler would be happy to support.

Healthy, balanced aquatic ecosystems such as seagrass, mangroves, coral reefs and saltmarsh are essential for fish. They provide habitat, food, shelter and nursing grounds. Connectivity between marine and freshwater systems is also critical for many of our fish species.

Unfortunately, we know that fish habitat is increasingly under threat in South East Queensland. This is mainly due to a decline in water quality, loss of the extent and quality of fish habitat through coastal urbanisation and a loss of connectivity across our catchments for fish species to travel to breed and reproduce.

We want your help to protect the fishing future of SEQ and help you to feel appreciated as environmental stewards.

To do this we need your help in identifying where are the best fishing areas, what species are in these areas, and what sort of impacts these areas are currently experiencing. Together with our partners OzFish Unlimited and Sunfish and with the recreational fishing community we can develop solutions to help manage those impacts and ensure we have bountiful fish for future generations.

Gigantic Rock Cod caught by J. Wallen Kolan River 1909