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Connect to Your Creek Week

Celebrate. Enjoy. Connect.  

Research shows that connection with nature, in particular with waterways, is good for our physical, mental and social health.

Healthy Waterways' annual Connect to Your Creek Week encourages South East Queenslanders to get outdoors and enjoy their local waterways. Through working with our members to host waterway events such as creek walks, canoe tours, tree plantings and much more, people are provided with an opportunity to connect with their local creek, river, beach or bay.

Connect to Your Creek Week 2016 

Thank you to everyone who participated in an event as part of Connect to Your Creek Week 2016 from Saturday 9 to Sunday 17 April! A total of 50 events took place across South East Queensland, encouraging people to get outdoors and enjoy their local waterways. 


Connect to Your Creek Week is a collaborative project supported by: 


Healthy Waterways' Connect to Your Creek Week initiative was recognised as a finalist at the 2015 Queensland Outdoor Recreation Awards for the Queensland Government Award for Encouraging Participation in Outdoor Recreation. 


“The aim of Connect to Your Creek Week is to increase community stewardship around waterway health. I believe the more people use our waterways, the more they are valued and appreciated. By actively engaging with our waterways through recreational, cultural and educational experiences, people will be motivated to value and care for their local creek.”  

Julie McLellan
CEO of Healthy Waterways