Healthy Waterways delivers a suite of programs and initiatives to address the key pressures impacting our waterways, and to support and inform our members in the delivery of waterway actions and investment.

We provide best practice, independent scientific advice and decision support tools to inform waterway actions and investment. Our Monitoring Program tracks the health our waterways, identifies issues that require intervention and informs waterway investment. The expansion of this program involves the inclusion of social and economic indicators to enable a wholistic, triple-bottom-line approach to waterway management. We aim to ensure the safe recreational use of South East Queensland’s waterways through community engagement and education tools, advice on best practice recreational site management.

Healthy Waterways also assists individuals and organisations to sustainably manage urban water by providing guidelines, resources and training, and supporting reforms to policy and planning. Our dedicated education programs and campaigns inspire and motivate the community to value and protect our waterways. We remove floating litter from South East Queensland’s waterways through our Clean Up Program and recognise and reward those working to protect and improve South East Queensland’s waterways.

Decision Support Tools

Our decision support tools model the likely outcomes of management actions, enabling our members to identify the most targeted, effective option.

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Enjoy Waterways Safely

Our Healthy Waterplay Program enables people to make informed decisions about where and when to use waterways for recreation. Follow our top tips...

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Living Waterways

A best practice environmental management approach assisting the delivery of enduring and affordable outdoor spaces which engage the surrounding communities. 

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